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Historic Preservation

Richards Cabin after
Richard's Cabin - After

Richards Cabin before
Richard's Cabin - Before

A designation encompassing arts, sciences, and an unending process to understand and interpret past aspects of our material culture. The Historic Preservation Team of the Montana Heritage Commission faces challenges within the built environment of every imaginable kind. Whether approaching structures of stone, brick, log or wood frame, the small group of dedicated professionals resolves complex scenarios with conscientious tradesmanship, and constantly seeks to expand their knowledge of traditional craft.

Preservation crew workingThe 19th century communities of Nevada, and Virginia City provide the backdrop of a living laboratory, and a wealth of historic fabric where the team explores issues of suspending material deterioration, eliminating moisture, and restoring the original appearance of buildings and features lost to time. Additionally, building materials are studied, researched, and explored for conservation treatments, and cutting-edge techniques are employed on their behalf.

Preservation crew working

For more information contact the Montana Heritage Commission Preservation Team at 406-843-5247, ext. 239 or