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Historic Preservation


The Alder Gulch area in Montana has a rich history that is worth preserving. The Historic Preservation Team of the Montana Heritage Commission faces challenges within the building environment of every imaginable kind. It is sometimes difficult to obtain building materials of the same era for repairs and restoration. Some of the period correct techniques do not lend themselves to long lasting preservation. When approaching structures of stone, brick, log or wood frame, the small group of dedicated professionals resolve complex scenarios with conscientious tradesmanship and constantly seek to expand their knowledge of traditional craftsmanship. The main location of the Montana Heritage Commission is a building known as Content's Corner. Careful consideration was taken when remodeling it for office space to preserve its historic value. Many details from the original construction were highlighted such as small cut-out views in the wall to show the original wall paper.

Contents Corner in 1864
Content's Corner today



The 19th century communities of Virginia City and Nevada City provide a living laboratory for preservation.  There is a wealth of historic fabric in Alder Gulch. The team explores issues of suspending material deterioration, eliminating moisture, and restoring the original appearance of buildings and features lost to time. Additionally, building materials are studied, researched, and explored for conservation treatments, and cutting-edge techniques are employed on their behalf.

Richard's Cabin before preservation efforts Nevada City, Montana
Richard's Cabin after preservation efforts, Nevada CIty Montana

Please read our Preservation Report to see all the projects our team has worked on.  For information on preservation efforts or to receive a hard copy of the current report, contact the Montana Heritage Commission Preservation Team with at 406-843-5247, ext. 239.  Consider a donation today to preserve Virginia City and Nevada City, Montana.

Worker during preservation effortsWorker during preservation effortsWorkers finishing reconstructive roof work


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